Arvind and Anagha Ambekar

MSVentures Financial Planners has played a very important role in our financial life. This company is very professional and passionate about their work which attracted us to take their professional service without any doubt. I was very with their presentation on financial planning which was delivered in my office (Integreon) and I got a chance to interact with him there. This presentation changed my thoughts about Financial Planning. Though “Financial Planning’ is a very small word but there is lot of work and efforts involved which we (My Wife & I) realized after having our First Session with the company. They made us realize that there is lot of things (Dreams) which we can do (fulfill) with the existing salary or earnings which we never thought about. And to fulfill our dream they help us set few Financial Goals which we are religiously following since 2010. They not only have helped us in Financial Planning but they also help us in taking personal & professional decision which I would like to appreciate much. They always treat their client as a family member or friend. We believe that whoever joins MSVFP becomes a member of MSVFP Family and believe that Feelings are more important than Finance. We would like to give our gratitude and wish them all the very best for their future venture.

Name: Arvind and Anagha Ambekar

Organisation: Integreon Managed Solutions (I) Pvt Ltd

Designation:HR Manager

Lipika and Sanjayan Nair

I started planning for my retirement in 2003 and had sought help of various finance professionals without conviction. I took up MSVentures Financial Planners in 2007 and have since seen a very systematic approach to defining my financial goals and helping me meet them through appropriate investments. The team at Msventures Financial Planners came across as very knowledgeable professionals who have helped us put our hard earned money in the right place and create wealth for our twilight years. I hope MSVFP continues to help people create wealth through their timely insights and advise.

Name: Lipika and Sanjayan Nair

Organisation: ANM Soft

Designation: Chief Executive Officer

Lakshmi and Prashant

The team at MSVentures Financial Planners are perfect examples of tenacity and work ethics. In our multiple, regular meetings with them for discussions on the financial plans and goals, we have gained a lot of insight into various types of savings instruments and what would work for us. This has instilled in us a sense of strict financial discipline. For us, the take away has been, "To buy anything which involves a significant expenditure, DO NOT go by impulses...First SAVE and then BUY". The entire team at Msventures Financial Planners personally practice this and have inspired us to do the same. Lastly, as we see the quality of our savings improve over the last few years, we thank MSVFP wholeheartedly and recommend them to all concerned.

Name: Lakshmi and Prashant

Organisation: General Manager

Designation:Euronet Services India Pvt Ltd

Pranoti and Amol Darwhekar

"I have been associated with MSVentures Financial Planners (MSVFP) from 2005. The ccompany has been our true friends and financial guide throughout our journey. Financial planning is a systematic approach whereby the financial planner helps the clients to maximize his existing financial resources by utilizing financial tools to achieve his financial goals. However, financial planning doesn't end up with one time plan creation and allotment of funds but it also understands the client's sources of funds, the individual temperament and inherent behaviour towards finance & wealth creation. MSVFP have mastered that art of understanding the client’s requirement in detail, be a close friend (read consultant) and to suggest the right approach towards achieving the financial goals. The periodic reviews of the plan and timely suggestions helps us maximize our returns in a tax efficient way. When we started the analysis of our financial situation and the goals based on the structured professional format of MSVFP, it was a revelation for us to have ignored some very key aspects on the financial plans. Now, we are absolutely relieved that the most important task of our life is in the able hands and we need not worry about the future at all as far as finances and wealth creation is concerned to achieve our financial goals. The excellent up to date domain knowledge that the MSVFP team brings to the relationship creates a significant difference in understanding the plans better and to be rest assured that other than you there is someone else also earning for you – your own money! I would also like to mention the commendable support extended by the back-end team of MSVFP who meticulously follow the instructions without fail and keep us abreast about our financial plans. All the Best for your future!!! (Ours, anyways, has been taken care by you)”

Name: Pranoti and Amol Darwhekar

Organisation: British Telecom

Designation:Head of Portfolio - BT Connect, Asia Pacific

Jaishankar Sundaram and Kavita Jaishankar

Savings used to be a loosely used term by me till I met Msventures Financial Planners in early 2010. I had started small value SIP and used to think of it as a significant saving. It was not until I filled up the questionnaire for financial planning, which I enrolled with MSVentures Financial Planners, that I realised what savings for the future meant. It was not as though I did not know how my expenses in future would be. It was just that I did not want to look at it. The financial planning exercise opened my eyes to this future, which I was turning a blind eye to. During my association with MSVFP, I have become secure in this insecure job economy. Through financial planning I am able to plug my immediate risk and at the same time plan for future. Knowing that I’m doing contingency planning or investing for my retirement has put meaning to my savings. Financial planning has certainly, not put a stop to my expenses. It has, however, made me realise where I need to spend and where I want to spend.

Name: Jaishankar Sundaram and Kavita Jaishankar

Organisation: HDFC Bank

Designation:Senior Manager

Mehrunnisa Ansari

No one can deny the importance of money in life. At the same time , handling own money in such a way that it is always enough for your present and future goals is an art very few possess. I ,as a working woman, sometimes find it difficult to track and make the most of the opportunities available for my money to grow. That is where I think the help of a professional goes a long way .My association with MSVentures Financial Planners since May 2011, has helped me streamline my savings, investments, insurance requirements, all under one roof. Most of my running around has reduced and I can now sit and relax as I see my money being saved, invested and reallocated from time to time to make the most of the best options available. Looking forward to a prosperous long term association with the team of Msventures Financial Planners.

Name: Mehrunnisa Ansari

Organisation: Tolani College of Commerce

Designation:Assistant Professor in Accountancy

Mr. VVS mani

I am 64, retired and have a fairly grounded Financial Planning System, to take care of the needs of my wife and I. Our income sources are modest; returns from the investments made earlier and the small business my wife operates in the field of jewelry design. Our living needs and the nice-to-have-ones were clearly identified but not necessarily provided for. One area, I thought, I could do with some advice was in the area of stock market investments, especially in the area of ULIPs where risks, rewards and the fine print of the conditions are too hazy to bet. I met with the team at Msventures Financial Planners and heard them about what they could offer. I was pretty impressed with their credentials. Here were two men who knew the ropes, had great sagacity about themselves; my hunch was they were rooted in deep value systems and were brutally frank though diplomatic. I decided to engage with them for our personal Financial Planning. What I got from them were A very good Planning and Review system; some of my nice-to-haves were discussed, analyzed and taken in or thrown out (obviously you can’t have both). The system was neatly documented, time lines fixed and reviewed personally. The system is comprehensive yet simple. My own commitments to my Financial Planning were improved. The yields from my investments have gone up Clarity about the ULIP schemes where I had burnt my fingers earlier. They highlighted the fine print of the schemes which may be potential traps. They facilitated my income tax assessment and subsequent filing of the returns through their associates. The association of two young financial professionals, who could talk with ease on mundane commercial matters and also on philosophy and spirituality. The only regret is, that I am not young enough, to leverage adequately their expertise. Younger folks can benefit very significantly and I would whole heartedly recommend Msventures Financial Planners to them.

Name: Mr. VVS mani



Mr. Vikram Basistha

My father and I were introduced to MSVentures Financial Planners (MSVFP) about half a decade ago (in 2007). I was then pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Commerce from R.A. Podar College, Matunga. Being a commerce student, I should have ideally been more conversant with the concept of Investments than my father, a former Pilot. The reality however, was diametrically opposite. My father seemed to be a lot more familiar with financial terms that I had barely heard of. Msventures Financial Planners have been instrumental in altering my indifferent opinion towards financial planning and over the period of time I have actually started to develop a penchant for it. They have made me realize as to how imperative it is to have a balanced and an updated financial record. Moreover, they have been able to decode the hardcore technical aspects of financial planning into a very simplified and communicable manner. These technical aspects are therefore easily construed by the lay people, including myself. Apart from being highly knowledgeable in their field of operation, MSVFP has been a staunch believer of Business Ethics. Ethical counselling has been the trademark of this firm. This is precisely the reason why they are a part of my family. I am more than certain that anyone who has ever had MSVFP as its financial planner will only second my statement. I wish them all the very best for a very bright future.

Name: Mr. Vikram Basistha

Organisation: Ranvhic Container Services.

Designation:Chief Executive Officer.