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Arvind Ambekar

MSVentures has played a very important role in our financial life. This company is very professional and passionate about their work which attracted us to take their professional service without any doubt. they always treat their client as a family member or friend. We believe that whoever joins MSV becomes a member of the MSV family and believe that feelings are more important than finance. We would like to give our gratitude and wish them all the very best for their future venture.

Sanjayan Nair

I started planning my journey with ms ventures as they have been very systematic in their approach. The team came across as very knowledgeable professionals who have helped us put our hard earned money in the right place and create wealth for our twilight years. I hope they continue to help people create wealth through their timely insights and advice

Prashant and Lakshmi

The team at MS Ventures are perfect examples of tenacity and work ethics.
In our multiple, regular meetings with them for discussions we have gained a lot of insight into various types of savings instruments.
This has instilled in us a sense of strict financial discipline. For us, the take away has been, "To buy anything which involves a significant expenditure, DO NOT go by impulses...First SAVE and then BUY". The entire team at MS Ventures personally practice this and have inspired us to do the same.
Lastly, as we see the quality of our savings improve over the last few years, we thank them wholeheartedly and recommend them to all concerned.

Amol Darwhekar

I have been associated with MSVentures from 2005. The company has been our true friends and guide throughout our journey.
MSV has mastered that art of understanding the client’s requirement in detail, being a close friend (read consultant) and to suggest the right approach towards achieving our milestones.
The periodic reviews of the plan and timely suggestions helps us maximize our returns in a tax efficient way. We are absolutely relieved that the most important task of our life is in the able hands and we need not worry about the future at all as far as finances and wealth creation is concerned. The excellent up to date domain knowledge that the MSV team brings to the relationship creates a significant difference in better understanding and to be rest assured that other than you there is someone else also earning for you – your own money!

Jaishankar Sundaram

Savings used to be a loosely used term by me till i met MSVentures in early 2010. I had started a small value sip and used to think of it as a significant saving. It was not until i enrolled with MSVentures that i realised what savings for the future meant.


No one can deny the importance of money in life. I,as a working woman, sometimes find it difficult to track and make the most of the opportunities available for my money to grow. That is where I think the help of a professional goes a long way. my association with MSVentures since may 2011, has helped me streamline my savings, investments, insurance requirements, all under one roof. Most of my running around has reduced and I can now sit and relax as I see my money being saved, invested and reallocated from time to time to make the most of the best options available. Looking forward to a prosperous long term association with the team at MSVentures

Dr Shankar Chawla

"MSVentures has helped me scale my portfolio to higher levels in less than a decade with their highly professional skills. Thank you for your valuable suggestions, guidance and support. Appreciate MSVentures and their dedicated team. Best Wishes"


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